2021 Pangos Recap

Dinos Trigonis and his staff gave us another tremendous camp full of talent. Over 100 of the top players in the country between the 2022-2024 classes were on display.

Here is a recap of what I observed at the camp.

2022 6’2 G BJ Edwards- phenomenal scorer, tight handle can really get going quickly

2022 6’8 F Dillon Mitchell -long, lanky four man that can rebound and run the floor. ELITE as a defender. Disruptive.

2022 6’10 C Jalen Duren- Duren was the most dominant player in the camp. Walking double double and was one of the best passers I’ve seen all spring.

2023 G KJ Lewis- excellent defender, big strong guard that can really get to the basket

2022 6’7 G Anthony Black- Did an excellent job in ball screen action, shot the ball from three really well this weekend. That part of his game has taken a tremendous jump over the last few months

2022 6’4 GKeyonte George– Scored from all three levels. Smooth game, did a good job mixing facilitating and scoring. Surgical on the offensive end of the floor.

2023 6’8 F Tyler Smith- showed some real flashes of greatness with his length, skill set and athleticism. Long term upside is HIGH.

2022 6’6 G Quadir Copeland- excellent size for a guard. Big, strong, tough and has excellent vision. Big time athlete who can really punish defenders.

2022 6’4 G Arterrio Morris- Was really good at the camp. Scored it well, big time athlete and maybe the best handle in the class. So explosive and crafty with the ball and a much improved shooter.

2022 6’7 Wing Ryan Argawal- excellent shooter, underrated as a passer and rebounder. Didn’t force anything, he let the game come to him and knocked down shots all weekend.

2022 6’2 G Rickie Issacs- Arguably the best passer in the camp. Shot the ball well with range. Excellent decision maker who can score when needed.

2022 6’10 c Lee Dort- Dominated the glass the entire weekend. Scored well inside and set some of the best screens I’ve seen this spring. He clears so much space on screens and DHO’s

2022 6’1 G Koren Johnson- crafty guard that can get his shot against anybody. Scores well and can facilitate. Checks a lot of boxes for a smaller guard. Big time scorer.

2023 6’6 G JaKobe Walter- JaKobe did an excellent job showing off his entire game. The 6’6 guard rebounded, scored from all three levels, facilitated and played defense. Has been really
good all spring.

2022 6’4 G Milos Uzan- Skill, feel and pace is the best way to describe his game. Good size and can run a team or score. One of the better guards in the camp

2022 7’0 C Vincent Iwuchukwu- Showed nice touch out to 17 feet, played tough on the interior on both sides of the ball. One of the leading scorers in the camp.

2022 6’4 G Zion Cruz- Zion was excellent all weekend scoring the basketball. I watched him in March at my event Opening Day and he was good then, he’s better now. Primed for a huge July. His confidence is on another level right now. He’s allowing the game to come to him a bit more and not forcing the action.

2022 6’4 G Colin Chandler- Colin’s offensive instincts are special. He was efficient and consistent. His body control and athleticism allow him to finish around and over bigger defenders at the rim.

2022 6’3 G Noah Shelby- Shelby was excellent in the game I watched Saturday. Finished with 23 points and a game winner. He picked his spots and made every correct read in ball screen action.

2022 6’7 F Eric Dailey Jr. – Dailey has a funky game that’s filled with production. He made midrange jumpers, got to the basket, rebounded and guarded. His size and skill set cause mismatch issues for opposing teams.

2023 6’8 Wing Javonte Taylor- JJ is want they look like as a sophomore. Long, active wing that is skilled. He competes. He is a terror in transition. Upside as a plus defender as well. One of the best 2023’s in camp.

2022 7’0 C Derick Lively- Lively was excellent as a rim protector and rebounder. He also showed he can routinely step out and knock down the three. Fluid 7 footer that is productive and has tremendous upside as a prospect.

2022 6’10 F Yohan Traore- Yohan was one of the most efficient scorers at the camp. He doesn’t DJ anything he can’t do and it’s refreshing. He runs the floor like a gazelle and has the touch to step out and make three’s. Productive weekend for the big man.

2022 6’5 G Oziyah Sellers- Big guard that can fill it up quickly and efficiently. Has no problems scoring the ball against whoever was in front of him. One of the best guards in the camp.

2022 6’7 F Jordan Walsh- Jordan had an excellent game Tuesday morning finishing with 20 points and four made triples. His defensive instincts and rebounding keep him productive in almost any setting.

2022 6’10 C Ernest Udeh- In a camp full of outstanding big men he stood out as one of the best. The motor, athleticism and toughness was on full display. Udeh was relentless as a rebounder and finisher around the rim.

2022 6’5 G Rylan Griffen- Rylan did an excellent job scoring this weekend. He knocked down jumpers from all over the floor and finished strong at the rim .

2022 6’7 Wing Jaylen Thompson- Thompson was one of the more intriguing guys I laid my eyes on. He has Excellent size and length, can shoot it out to the three point line and he’s a great athlete with excellent body control. Definitely one to track.

2022 6’7 Wing Grady Dick- Grady was excellent knocking down jumpers and swinging on the rim all weekend. He was efficient and effective. He rebounded well and the improved athleticism showed very well in this environment.

2022 6’11 C Kel’El Ware- Ware’s length, touch and athleticism showed well on the big stage this weekend. Not surprising at all to those of us who have seen him. He backed up his status as one of the top big men in the 2022 class.


Kellen C. Buffington



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