Going From Underrated To Everyone’s Favorite 2022 6’7 G Anthony Black



A year ago 2022 guard Anthony Black had more offers for football than he did basketball. Keep in mind he was one of the best football prospects in the state of Texas.

Anthony Black had one basketball offer from UNT. I personally remember his coach (Shawn Ward) being absolutely confused by it. Anthony was also wondering why his recruitment was so slow for the sport he loved the most. He just kept working, getting better and growing. Fast forward a year and Black is now ranked as high as #16 in the country while holding offers from the likes of Georgia, Duke, Oklahoma St., Gonzaga, Baylor, Arkansas, Iowa St., Memphis and more.

“Going from being unknown to more people knowing about me came just from me keeping my head down and working.  I also got matchups that helped show people I was as good or better than the kids they had ranked ahead of me. My coach Shawn Ward did a good job turning me into one of the best players in the country.”

The Coppell (TX) High School guard is playing this summer with 3D EMPIRE and has seen head coaches from some of the best programs in the country follow him and his team all summer.

Black has taken official visits to Iowa St., Texas and Oklahoma St. with a few more visits set up for the fall. He has become a major priority for the schools recruiting him.

Gonzaga – “I talk with coach (Stephen) Gentry and coach Few a couple times a week each, and they believe I fit the way a Gonzaga point guard is supposed to play.”

Oklahoma State–  “I talk with coach Mike probably more than I do any head coach. He doesn’t try to pressure me into anything but instead he helps me to know that I need to do what’s best for me and nobody else.” 

Georgia“I talk with coach Mason daily almost and coach Crean often as well. They tell me flaws in my game and how they think they can help me be a pro.”

Duke“I talk with coach Scheyer often and he just tells me he thinks I have a chance to come in and play early with dudes around me who are high level and can help us win.”

Iowa State“I talk with coach Blount and coach TJ often. They say they think Iowa State is a great place for me to play early and that they can help prepare me for the next level.”

Arkansas“I talk with Coach Myers often and also talk with coach Mussleman frequently. They tell me they know how to develop big guards and know what it takes to make it to the next level.” 

Baylor“I talk mostly with coach Drew from Baylor, he tells me they’re like family to me and he sees me being a good fit with the way they play both sides of the ball.”

“The difference between then and now is just me going out there to play and have fun rather than me going out there with pressure to play good for the coaches. I found out I’m at my best when I just have fun and play hard. So I try not to worry about who’s there but instead just have fun and win. I’m super blessed to see where my recruitment is now compared to what it was earlier in the game when everybody else was being more highly recruited.”

Black gives a lot of credit to his grassroots program coach/ trainer Shawn Ward  and his teammates since the fifth grade for his development and his rise to stardom.

“It feels good to know I stayed true to myself, my teammates and my coach and still got better and proved myself. Coach Shawn did a great job developing me and letting me be myself on the court so I didn’t really see the need to go play for somebody else who hasn’t contributed anything to my success.”

While Anthony Black has become one of the top players in the country he understands the work is just beginning and to stay at the top he must improve areas of his game.

“I want to keep improving my shot off the dribble and ability to get to my spots. I think the most undervalued part of my game is my passing, I feel like I’m one of the best passers in the country. ”


Black has been tearing up the NY2LA Circuit with his 3D EMPIRE program. He averaged 22 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds per game last week in Louisville, KY with several schools in attendance for the 6’7 guard.


Next up for Anthony Black is Orlando, FL for a long stretch with the final live period weekend at NY2LA July 23rd-25th and he’s been invited to the prestigious NBA Top 100 camp July 25th-August 1st in Orlando.


Anthony has put himself into position to play at whatever school he wants to at the next level. I expect him to take a few more visits after the summer and sign during the early November signing period.


Whatever school that receives a commitment from Anthony Black is getting an absolute game changer for their program. A proven winner who is as talented as any prospect nationally in the 2022 class.


Kellen C. Buffington

TheTB5Reports Senior Analyst


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