Nick Smith Jr. is Back and Better in Pursuit of a Peach Jam Championship

Nick Smith Jr. is Back and Better Looking for a Peach Jam Title

2022 6’5 G Nick Smith Jr.


Nick Smith Jr. is one of the top players in the country in the 2022 class. He missed time this summer with a broken wrist but he’s back and better. Smith recently helped lead his team to a Peach Jam birth and is looking to finish the summer strong this week. I got a chance to sit down and speak with Smith about his play and his recruitment.

TheTB5Reports: How does it feel to be back playing after two months off?

Nick Smith Jr.: It feels good getting back playing the game I love. It also feels good to go out and play with my brothers again.

TheTB5Reports: You’re coming back from a broken wrist and have still performed at a high level. How did you stay ready and in shape during the injury? 

Nick Smith Jr.: I just stayed in the gym as much as I could. Me and my dad had a great plan to still develop during those times and it worked more than what I thought. I just still have a lot of work to do.

TheTB5Reports: You had a big first weekend back averaging 17 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists per game and helping lead your BBE team to a Peach Jam. What was it like playing in front of coaches for the first time in two years? 

Nick Smith Jr.: It really didn’t mean much to me to be honest. No disrespect but I came here for one goal and that is to win this thing.

TheTB5Reports: What schools have you heard from the most? Have you heard from anybody new after this weekend? 

Nick Smith Jr.: I’ve heard from Arkansas, Auburn, Alabama, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgetown, Memphis, Kentucky and I started hearing from Florida State this weekend.

TheTB5Reports: Have you taken any visits yet? 

Nick Smith Jr.: Yes, I’ve taken visits to Alabama, Georgetown, Auburn and Kansas.

TheTB5Reports: What is one part of your game you feel is most underrated? 

Nick Smith Jr.: I feel like everything I do is underrated. As of right now I feel like the whole BBE 17u team is underrated. We put so much on the line for each other but that’s also not an excuse on what we’re trying to accomplish.

Smith is locked in and focused on winning a Peach Jam Championship with Brad Beal Elite. His recruitment is trending up with some blue bloods checking in and a stable of P5 offers already in tow. Smith has been one of the best players in Augusta and his team will need him to continue playing at a high level to compete for the title Smith is in pursuit of. 

Kellen C. Buffington

TheTB5Reports Senior Analyst


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