Terrance Arceneaux is Putting it All Together At The Perfect Time

409’s Finest Terrance Arceneaux is Putting It All Together At The Perfect Time
2022 6’7 Wing Terrance Arceneaux


2022 6’7 wing Terrance Arceneaux has long been considered one of the best players in a loaded 2022 class in Texas. This past weekend playing in the EYBL he introduced himself as one of the top players in the country.
I got a chance to speak with Arceneaux about his play and his recruitment.

TheTB5Reports: “How does it feel to play so well in the EYBL and help lead your team to Peach Jam?”

TA: “It felt great to be able to lead my team to Peach Jam and have a great showing. Hopefully the team and I can continue to play well and win the whole thing.”

TheTB5Reports: “What is your mindset going into peach Jam?” 

TA: “My mindset going into Peach Jam is to put on a good showing and lead my team to the Championship.”

TheTB5Reports: You were excellent this last weekend, have you heard from any news schools recently? 

TA: “Yes sir, I’ve heard from UCLA, Marquette, Oklahoma, Kansas and Georgia.”

TheTB5Reports: What are you looking for in a collegiate program? 

TA: I’m looking for a program that has a family atmosphere. Somewhere I can feel safe away from home and be able to come right in and make a big impact.

TheTB5Reports: What part of your game do you feel is the most underrated? 

TA: “Probably my mid range game. I feel like once I get in the zone my midrange is almost automatic.”

I’ve been able to watch the growth of Arceneaux first hand over the last three years being in Texas. The upside was always there, the production is loud on one of the biggest stages in grassroots basketball. He is currently fourth in scoring on the EYBL at 21 points per game and 7th in blocks at 2 per game. It is his versatility on both sides of the ball that has colleges lined up for his services. While Arceneaux is playing some of his best basketball, his upside is still as high as any prospect in the state.

Kellen C. Buffington

TheTB5Reports Senior Analyst


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