TheTB5Reports X Legit Sports Stats


TheTB5Reports X Legit Sport Stats

Our staff is always looking for ways to increase player identification on our platform. Media outlets and scouts do a phenomenal job with recaps and reports but it only tells a piece of the story.

Analytics help shine light on those who are consistently productive and help us track a player’s complete game. A boxscore for high level events just doesn’t cut it anymore.

NBA scouts, college coaches, HS scouts and programs need NUMBERS. Analytics help validate what the eyes see. They are a crucial factor in identifying and projecting talent.

TheTB5Reports values TRUE analytics and we are proud to partner with the leader in this industry Legit Sports Stats.

Legit Sports Stats is a leader of the in game analytics industry. They will provide us with accurate stats that will be live during games and available after for college coaches across the country. They have a HUGE following and together we feel like we can push more ACCURATE information out to MORE college coaches.

Legit Sports Stats will also provide the platform with leaderboards after each event for ALL stats for the 17U division as we work towards having this available for all age groups moving forward.


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