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Top 2020-2021 Forwards/ Bigs at The Next Wave

By Kellen C. Buffington, 08/28/19, 9:15AM CDT


Top 2020-2021 Forwards/ Bigs at The Next Wave

There were some really good big guys at The Next Wave in the C/O 2020-2021. We got a chance to spot a few who we hadn't seen much of before the event as well.

2020 Garland Lakeview Centennial 6'8 F Donte Houston

Donte is one of the meanest and most athletic bigs in the state of Texas and ranked as high as #108 in national rankings. He backed that up with his play at the camp. He finished above the rim, blocked shots and rebounded better than anybody in the camp. Top 30 Game Selection.

2021 Halthom HS 6'8 F Paul Bizimana

Paul was one of the gems identified at the camp. The 6'8 F has a tremendous offensive skillset that allows him to be a mismatch type 4 man. He stepped out and drained triples, finished above the rim and showed the ability to handle the ball in the open floor. Top 30 Game Selection.

2021 Keller Central HS 7'0 Clayton White

Clayton has improved so much since the end of the HS season. The 7'0 big man showed he could score around the basket over both shoulders and he showed improved athleticism. This kid has as much potential as any big man in the 2021 class in Texas. Top 30 Game Selection.

2021 Desoto HS 6'7 F Robert Jennings

Robert played well at camp rebounding the ball well and finishing above the rim. He is really good in transition and he's a very good athlete. Jennings showed he could knock down the mid range jumper as well. Top 60 Game Selection.

2021 South Grand Prairie HS 6'6 F Terin Johnson

Terin is a strong bodied 4 man who really attacks the glass for rebounds and finishes around the rim. He showed the ability to guard multiple positions as well. Top 60 Game Selection.

2020 Universal Academy 6'8 F Will Shepherd

Will really shot the basketball well and showed he's a consistent threat as a stretch 4 man. He has improved as an athlete as well. Top 60 Game Selection.

2020 Crowley HS 6'5 F Hayden Brittingham

Hayden is a high flyer. He literally played above the rim the entire camp. His motor always runs high and he rebounds and defends like his dinner depends on it. Top 30 Game Selection.

2020 Plano East HS 6'7 F Evan Williams

Evan played very well at the camp. He is an ELITE athlete with good hands. He stepped out and made a few three's as well. His best basketball is definitely ahead of him. Top 30 Game Selection.

2020 Burleson Centennial HS 6'8 F Jacob Stuckey

Stuckey can really stretch the floor with his shooting and he's an underrated athlete. He made shots, rebounded and showed some grit in doing so. He's improved immensely over the last year.

2021 Trinity Christian HS 6'8 F Mekhi Collins

Mekhi is a live body. He runs well, jumps high and plays hard. He showed all of those attributes consistently at the camp. Big upside with this one. Top 60 Game Selection.

2021 Dallas Thunder HS 6'7 F Wesley Verduin

William was a nice find for me at the camp. The long and lanky 4 man showed the ability to handle the ball, make shots and rebound. Top 60 Game Selection.

2021 Bishop Lynch HS 6'8 F Jack Slaughter

Jack's game has improved over the last year. He's solid and does all of the little things to help you win games. He sets, screens, rolls hard to the basket and rebounds well. He made some very nice passes to open teammates too. Phenomenal passing big man.Top 60 Game Selection.

2021 Oak Ridge HS 6'5 F Griffin Datcher IV

I hadn't seen Griffin much before this event. I liked what I saw though. He is a strong built athletic player that can really get out in transition and finish above the rim. His strong body allows him to rebound and finish above the rim in traffic. He stepped out and knocked down a couple of three's too. Versatile defender who can guard multiple spots. Top 30 Game Selection.

2020 Faith Family HS 6'10 C Darrius Miles

Miles continues to grow as a player. He looked more athletic and showed soft touch around the rim. Miles has long arms, gets off the ground quick and can even make jumpers. He was one of the best bigs at the event. Top 30 Game Selection.

2020 iSchool Entrepreneurial Academy 6'10 F Austin Lewis

Austin looked very good at the camp. He ran the floor well, finished above the rim and rebounded in and out of his area. He knocked down a few three's as well. Lewis' improvement over the last year has been steady, his best basketball is ahead of him. Top 30 Game Selection.