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1 on 1 with Keyonte George

By Kellen C. Buffington, 05/01/20, 12:15PM CDT


Keyonte George is one of the top basketball prospects in the country for the 2022 class. We got a chance to talk 1 on 1 with him about COVID-19, USA Basketball and the G-League.

TheTB5Reports: COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. What do you think about what’s going on?

Keyonte: To me this is just another bump in the road. We all need to just stay clean, stay safe and everything else will fix itself.

TheTB5Reports: You were selected to attend the USA Basketball Mini- Camp this year, I know you were excited about attending. What would it mean to you to be able to represent your country playing basketball?

Keyonte: Getting selected for the USA camp was truly a blessing. Being selected for that camp reminds me that those guys think I’m good enough to represent my country and for me if I can make the final roster and be able to wear USA across my chest, to me that means a little more. You're not just playing for yourself, you're playing for your country.

TheTB5Reports: I know you’ve seen the G-League news with Jalen Green and guys like LaMelo and RJ going the professional route out of HS. Do you think players should be allowed to start a professional career out of HS?

Keyonte: Me personally I think HS players should have the option to go pro but as for me it’s not something I'm really looking into right now but if the opportunity came and me and my family think it would be the best thing for me then I’m all for it.

TheTB5Reports: You are coming off a phenomenal first two years of HS. You are considered one of the top prospects in the country in the 2022 class. What are some parts of your game you would like to improve on?

Keyonte: The main two parts of my game that I’ve been working on the most are different ways to pass the ball to get my teammates involved. I want to show people I’m not just a scorer. I’ve also been working on my lateral quickness, being able to stay in the front of the ball better on the defensive side and show people I’m not just an offensive minded player.

TheTB5Reports: I went to school with your mom at Paul Quinn. She was a pretty good basketball player there. How has she helped you over the years with your game?

Keyonte: My mom is my number one fan if you've been to the games she’s the loudest person in the gym if I’m not playing she will let me have it but it’s not just her Tamikki as well. I don’t think she’s told me good game more than twice but that’s because she’s always asking me what could I have done better. Pointing out different plays where I may have taken off or made a bad decision on the defensive side so both of my parents have helped me perfect the little things because it’s about the little things that can get you far in the game of basketball.

TheTB5Reports: We are about a month away from colleges actually being able to contact the 2022 class directly. How are you feeling about your phone jumping off the hook starting at 12am June 15th?

Keyonte: I think I’m ready for it. Many people say they think my phone will be blowing up but I think I'm ready for it knowing that all these coaches are staying up to contact me. To me that’s makes me work harder and want to be better. To be contacted by coaches is a blessing but I know what my end goal is at the end of the day.​​​​​​​

TheTB5Reports: You don’t really talk about or post offers much. A little different from other guys. What schools are recruiting you right now? 

Keyonte: Some SEC schools like Vanderbilt and Ole miss have offered and in the PAC-12 California offered and some Big 12 schools like Kansas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M Baylor and Texas have offered scholarships.

TheTB5Reports: We may not have a summer this year due to COVID-19. What are some goals you have for HS basketball next season? Individual and team goals.

Keyonte: For High School I will be attending iSchool of Lewisville where we will play a national schedule. So some team goals are to win that last national tournament and be on the top and be ranked among the best. Individual goals they are the same,  Player of the Year and things of that nature but the biggest goal of mine is Gatorade Player of The Year for Texas.