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1 on 1 with Anthony Black

By Kellen C. Buffington, 05/04/20, 8:00AM CDT


Anthony Black was destined to be a big time athlete. His father played basketball for Baylor and his mother played soccer for Baylor. "AB" as we call him is carving out his own path in two sports right now. AB holds football offers from Baylor, Kansas, Illinois State, Houston, Hawaii, UNT, William and Mary, Arkansas and a basketball offer from UNT. We sat down for an interview with arguably the best athlete in Texas in the 2022 class.

TheTB5Reports: Which sport did you begin playing first?

AB: I began playing basketball first. I grew up around basketball watching my dad play. My dad played overseas when I was young and I developed a love for the game early when I lived in Germany.

TheTB5Reports: How tough is it being a high level dual-sport athlete?

AB: Playing 2 sports at a high level is pretty tough, but nothing too hard to handle. Just working out twice a day gets a little tiring but it makes me tougher. Most days I alternate trainings between football and basketball but some days I have the both in the same day.

TheTB5Reports: Does one sport help you in the other?

AB: I think they both benefit each other in different ways. Playing football makes me mentally tougher and in shape for basketball. Basketball keeps me agile and coordinated for football.

TheTB5Reports: Would you be interested in playing both sports in college if there was an opportunity to do both?

AB: If I find a school that's good at both and wants to let me play both then I would love to play both.

TheTB5Reports: Your mom and dad were athletes at Baylor. What was it like to receive an offer from Baylor?

AB: Receiving a football offer from Baylor meant everything to me. Growing up we always visited the campus and went to all of the games and it has been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to be an athlete at Baylor regardless of sport.