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The Wallace Brothers

By Kellen C. Buffington, 05/11/20, 5:45PM CDT


Three years ago I missed on a prospect in the 2017 class. Keep in mind I still had my own team and wasn't an evaluator but I missed on one of college basketball's best guards. That class had guys like Jared Vanderbilt (NBA) , Marcus Garrett (Kansas) TJ Starks (Northridge) , Victor Bailey (Tennessee) RJ Nembhard (TCU) Jarrett Culver (NBA) among other guys. There was a 6'2 165lbs. guard at Richardson High School named Keaton Wallace. I questioned if Keaton Wallace could be as good as those guys. It wasn't meant to be a knock on the kid it was more me vouching for the players ahead of him at the time. I missed, plain and simple.

A lot of those players have done really well at their universities but Keaton has become one of the top scoring guards in College Basketball. Keaton's last two years have produced a 20ppg season and a 19ppg season as well as a career high of 45 points. He's scored 1,556 points in his career to date. Not only did I miss, a lot of college coaches did too. 

There is a younger Wallace that is a pretty good player in his own right, Cason. He is a bit under the radar nationally and statewide in my opinion. Cason is a 6'4 PG who is tough, athletic and phenomenal in pick and roll. He rebounds, passes, scores, guards and pretty much whatever else he needs to do to help his team win. He helped lead his Richardson HS team to a 34-4 record and the regional finals. He's a little ahead of schedule of his big brother with his recruitment and national standing at the same point holding offers from DePaul, Baylor, TCU, Texas A&M, Oklahoma St. and his brother's school UTSA.

I got a chance to talk with Cason about his brother, family and basketball.

TheTB5Reports: Cason, your brother Keaton is one of the top guards in college basketball. What was it like growing up and competing against each other?

Cason: It was tough being the younger brother, I always had to guard him growing up because if I wanted the ball I had to take it . He was always a good ball handler so we were both getting better by me working on my defense and him working on his offense.

TheTB5Reports: Richardson was very close to reaching state this year. What do you feel like y’all need to get there next year?

Cason: Keep doing what we were doing and put in extra work.

TheTB5Reports:  How is your recruitment going? What schools are you hearing from the most right now?

Cason: I have schools and people reaching out to me but I would say Baylor has been the most active school since they have been recruiting me.

TheTB5Reports: What’s the most underrated part of your game?

Cason: My passing, I feel like I’m one of the best passers in the city because of how I find the open man and I can get it to them in traffic.

TheTB5Reports: Your dad coached you early, how has he helped you develop over the years?

Cason: My dad was my first coach and trainer he always made sure I worked hard on and off the court and he definitely built me to be who I am now.

Cason Wallace is one of the top point guards prospects in the country. His combination of size, skill, toughness and athleticism give him all of the talent and intangibles to play this game at the highest level for a very long time. I will give you all some advice, never underestimate a Wallace, Keaton or Cason.