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Ryan Agarwal Chooses Stanford

By Kellen C. Buffington, 03/16/21, 9:00AM CDT


2022 6'7 Wing Ryan Agarwal Is Off The Board to Stanford

It wasn't too long ago a long, skinny marksmen emerged onto the scene playing for Shawn Ward's 3d EMPIRE program. Ward would scream to the masses, "This kid is going to be REALLY good!" The kid he was talking about was Ryan Agarwal who just announced he's headed to the Pac-12 with a verbal commitment to Stanford. I talked with Ryan about what led to him choosing the Cardinal over other programs and his goals once he arrives in Palo Alto, Ca.

TheTB5Reports: "Ryan, you’ve come a long way. A lot of behind the scenes work to get to this point. Talk a little bit about how you’ve gone from a second team type player to one of the most highly recruited wings in the country." 

Ryan: It was really my summer going into my sophomore year that I feel like I made my biggest jump. I was waking up at 5 in the morning to go hoop with all of my teammates and then going to school workouts right after. I would lift in the evening and go shoot again at night. It was constant repetition and a huge grind but definitely benefited me in the long run. Now every summer and off-season I’m tryna to do the same if not more to get better. I have continued to trust in the development of my high school coaches and coach Shawn and they both continue to make me a player to this day."

TheTB5Reports: "How was the recruiting process for you during a global pandemic, did it make your decision tougher than you would’ve imagined?"

Ryan: "It definitely changed a lot. Rather than visiting schools, I did a lot more zooms, calling and texting to stay in touch with coaches. It was definitely tough but I can’t complain because at the end of the day it showed me who really wanted me. Who made the effort to still keep in touch with me during these tough times. It made me realize what schools I was a priority for."

TheTB5Reports: "You had a lot of good programs offer and show interest in you. What was it about Stanford that made you comfortable to give them an early commitment?"

Ryan: "They have always been my dream school. Obviously they have a great education, but along with that a great basketball program. Their playing style is exactly what I was looking for along with their development side of things. They have a great school life and the coaching staff is also very welcoming. I was able to build good relationships with many of the coaches making me feel comfortable with my decision."

TheTB5Reports: "What are some individual and team goals you want to accomplish while at Stanford?"

Ryan: "I definitely want to make the tournament and win a conference championship. Those are big accomplishments but I think it’s within our potential to do so knowing the players that will be there when I am there. I think we can be a ranked team if we play the way I believe we can play. My individual goal is to play my role and do what I can to benefit the team. Whatever it may be, I will do it the best I can because at the end of the day, if one of us succeed, we all succeed. Obviously I would like to play and make an impact directly on the game every game, and my goal is to do so in the best way possible."

TheTB5Reports: "You and I have talked about this before but I feel like others need to see this. How important is your Indian heritage to you? Do you feel like you have an opportunity to kind of carry a torch and inspire the future generation of hoopers? 

Ryan: " My Indian heritage is huge to me. Not only do I want to inspire people of Indian heritage to follow their dreams in sports, but all races that may be stereotyped as an un-athletic race. I believe I can set an example and will continue working hard everyday for those followers who believe in me. I would love to have many other Indians join me playing in the NCAA and past that as well."

Ryan Agarwal Analysis: Ryan is a long wing who can really knock down the three with regularity. His footwork coupled with a quick release allow him to get his shot off quickly and accurately. He is underrated as a passer and ball handler with a very high basketball IQ.  Ryan will need to add weight to his frame once he gets to Stanford and a college weight room should take care of that. Ryan will have a chance to be one of the top marksmen in college basketball.


Kellen C. Buffington